The White Queen (book and show) is not on Margaret’s side (not even her own book is on her side). That’s okay because she and her equally two-faced (third) husband Stanley are the only ones that don’t come out looking like a total idiots. Even when they’ve won (in the White Princess and, oh yeah, reality), PGregs doesn’t want to admit it. So she turns them into maniacal nobodies [Margaret and Henry VII, that is] stepping over the Woodvilles and the Plantagenet Yorks. Because they totally didn’t do that all by themselves. ~le sigh

My first real LJ post in YEARS, a huge Margaret Beaufort asl;fhasldfsdf post, but really is my segway to tell you all how much I love Henry VII. It’s tl;dr, so here’s what I wrote about him:

I know Henry VII is not very popular, but in all my reading, I found him to be the most interesting of the bunch. Of course there are more larger than life figures in the Wars of the Roses and the Plantagenet history, but I ended up being fascinated by him (also with Henry II and King John). At first it was because there was so very little about him. Everything I read that was a general history on the Tudors either lamp shaded him, skipped him, or only briefly mentioned him. As if the end of a huge civil war wasn’t a big deal. Then I read more and more on him, and was sucked in.

He was an exile for longer than he was king. He was raised in both Lancaster and Yorkist households, away from his mother but constantly aware of his proximity to the throne. He went into exile with his uncle for fourteen years, where he was on constant alert, under the protection of the Dukedom of Brittany, who had constant beef with France. Both were more than willing to use him as a pawn for/against England in the time of Edward IV. He escaped various assassination attempts and lures to go back to Edward IV’s court. The chances of him being king was basically nonexistent, until Richard III took the throne and his kingship became tainted. No one knew who Henry was, where he came from, or even exactly what his connection to House of Lancaster was (distant to say the least). Everyone was sure he was going to lose at Bosworth, after having failed one attempt at invasion already. Everything was against him. EVERYTHING. And then, against all odds, with the help of his mother’s marriage to the Stanleys, he won. Everyone assumed he would be governed by all those that were left of the Yorks and Lancasters, but he wasn’t. Henry dated his reign to the day before Bosworth, making everyone who fought against him a traitor to his throne. This was only one of the many steps he took to secure the throne for his heir. Everything he did afterward, especially with concerns to money, was to secure the succession, which had seen 5 kings in the past half century. No one more than Henry understood how easily a throne could be taken from a king, having done the same thing himself. He wasn’t larger than life. He was actually rather cruel and fucked up, playing people against each other for his own means, secretive, suspicious and manipulative, but he secured the throne that eventually brought about the Golden Age with his granddaughter Cate Blanchett.

One of the more interesting things about him was that he lived in one of the most exciting periods: the Renaissance. The printing press was well on its way. Gunpowder was being modernized, changing the nature of war. This is only a few years before Columbus, when Spain, Portugal and England were first starting to venture out beyond the Atlantic. By the first decade in his reign, America will be have been “discovered” and the Pope in Rome was RODRIGO BORGIA. Henry VII’s contemporaries were Fernando and Isabella Kings of Spain, the dashing Philip of Burgundy, and Rodrigo’s own son, the vicious Cesare Borgia.

Basically I cry a little inside when people say he’s boring.

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